“Emily’s talks on Clean Code gave us a big push towards Software Craftsmanship. Her lightning talks followed by provoking questions stirred up many interesting discussions."

Arnulf Krokeide, Software Architect, Confirmit, Oslo

"I had the great pleasure to assist Emily to arrange JDojo@Gbg Coding Dojo meetings. She's an excellent facilitator, perfectly balancing the level of tutoring and stepping back to let the participants "learn by doing". 

Fredrik Wendt, co-organizer of JDojo@Gbg

“When I have been asking about feedback around this Coding Dojo course, people are very satisfied. They think that everyone in the house should have to take it. Really valuable.”

Martin Andersson, Manager, Software Engineering at Jeppesen

I brought in Emily to work with the team on issues around Clean Code, Test Driven Development and Refactoring. Her presentation of the material was always very professional and the structure of the sessions allowed for a lot of interaction and reflection. The feedback from the participants has always been very positive.

Isak Styf, Software Team Leader at Markem-Imaje

I liked "The Coding Dojo Handbook" a lot. It was not too long, very to the point and practical.

-- Anders Schau Knatten, Developer, Oslo

Training Events

Bache Consulting - Training Events, Scandinavian Developer Conference
Opening words at Scandinavian Developer Conference. Photo by Melina Meier

Since 2011 I have acted as General Programme Chair for Scandinavian Developer Conference, a position which requires me to maintain a large contact network of conference speakers. If you are looking to hold a company training event, away day or kickoff, I can help you to find someone to give an inspirational seminar or workshop.

I also offer several seminars, interactive learning games and courses myself:

Please contact me for more information, or download a flyer.

More Information

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