“Emily’s talks on Clean Code gave us a big push towards Software Craftsmanship. Her lightning talks followed by provoking questions stirred up many interesting discussions."

Arnulf Krokeide, Software Architect, Confirmit, Oslo

"I had the great pleasure to assist Emily to arrange JDojo@Gbg Coding Dojo meetings. She's an excellent facilitator, perfectly balancing the level of tutoring and stepping back to let the participants "learn by doing". 

Fredrik Wendt, co-organizer of JDojo@Gbg

“When I have been asking about feedback around this Coding Dojo course, people are very satisfied. They think that everyone in the house should have to take it. Really valuable.”

Martin Andersson, Manager, Software Engineering at Jeppesen

I brought in Emily to work with the team on issues around Clean Code, Test Driven Development and Refactoring. Her presentation of the material was always very professional and the structure of the sessions allowed for a lot of interaction and reflection. The feedback from the participants has always been very positive.

Isak Styf, Software Team Leader at Markem-Imaje

I liked "The Coding Dojo Handbook" a lot. It was not too long, very to the point and practical.

-- Anders Schau Knatten, Developer, Oslo

Behaviour Driven Development

Bache Consulting - Executable Specifications - Behaviour Driven Development
Agile2008 session pairing with Dan North, photo by Tom Poppendieck

A successful software project can be seen as a collaboration between business people who understand what is needed, and developers who know how to build it. Behaviour Driven Development is a way of working that puts useful conversations about what the software should do at the center of the development process. Business people learn to express themselves in terms of concrete example scenarios, written in a domain language. Testers and developers participate in developing the scenarios in order to understand what to build and how to test it. By talking about concrete scenarios, everyone gains a better understanding of the domain, and inconsistencies become obvious early on in the process. These scenarios become a suite of automated regression tests, documenting decisions and enabling future project agility.

I offer an introductory seminar which explains core concepts of BDD such as Feature Injection and Deliberate Discovery. I talk about how BDD builds on TDD to enable better outcomes for not only developers but all product stakeholders. We also look at some of the tools you can use for automating scenarios as tests.


  • BDD: TDD done right
  • Feature Injection
  • Conversations about Requirements
  • BDD and Domain Driven Design
  • Tools for executable behaviour specs: Cucumber & StoryText

Training and Coaching

In addition to this introductory seminar, I also offer coaching in BDD for developers, testers and other stakeholders, and training with Cucumber and StoryText. Please download a flyer about my BDD seminar, or contact me for more information about coaching and training.

More Information

For more information about Behaviour Driven Development please use the form below: