“Emily’s talks on Clean Code gave us a big push towards Software Craftsmanship. Her lightning talks followed by provoking questions stirred up many interesting discussions."

Arnulf Krokeide, Software Architect, Confirmit, Oslo

"I had the great pleasure to assist Emily to arrange JDojo@Gbg Coding Dojo meetings. She's an excellent facilitator, perfectly balancing the level of tutoring and stepping back to let the participants "learn by doing". 

Fredrik Wendt, co-organizer of JDojo@Gbg

“When I have been asking about feedback around this Coding Dojo course, people are very satisfied. They think that everyone in the house should have to take it. Really valuable.”

Martin Andersson, Manager, Software Engineering at Jeppesen

I brought in Emily to work with the team on issues around Clean Code, Test Driven Development and Refactoring. Her presentation of the material was always very professional and the structure of the sessions allowed for a lot of interaction and reflection. The feedback from the participants has always been very positive.

Isak Styf, Software Team Leader at Markem-Imaje

I liked "The Coding Dojo Handbook" a lot. It was not too long, very to the point and practical.

-- Anders Schau Knatten, Developer, Oslo

Bache Consulting Blog

Nordic Ruby and Diversity

This is the second time I've attended Nordic Ruby, you can read about what I thought last year here. This year I enjoyed the conference more, for several reasons. There were some small changes in the way it was organized, (on a Friday and Saturday instead of taking up a whole weekend), a better choice of speakers and topics, (less technical, more inspirational), and I knew more of the people there.

One of the themes of the conference was diversity,... [more]

DynCon, Scandinavian Developer Conference and XP2011

The programme for DynCon has just been published, and the whole conference is about dynamically typed languages. There are talks about all sorts of languages, old and new, and I think it's going to be really interesting to get people together from all these different communities. I'm giving a talk with title "A Test-Driven Introduction to Python" where I'm hoping to show off some of the best features of Python. I'll also be demoing a new testing tool called "CaptureMock" which my husband Geoff has invented. I'll be... [more]

Online resources for Coding Dojos

If you're running a coding dojo, or if you're an individual who likes to practice code kata, there are a number of websites which aim to help. In this post I want to review some of what's out there.

The idea of the code kata was originally presented by Dave Thomas in his blog. This is the list of Kata exercises he originally suggested. The dates on the site say 2007 but it must have been at least a couple of years before that*. Some of these katas don't actually involve writing any code, such as... [more]

Launch of my company website

I’m very excited to announce the launch of my company website, at http://bacheconsulting.com. The site has information about the coaching and training I offer, links to this blog, my videos on YouTube, and my twitter feed. My hope is that it gives an indication of my areas of expertise, and what you can expect if I come to work with your development team.

The site was built for me by my friend James Pink, who was very helpful with ideas for site layout and content. He also created my company logo from... [more]

Agile Coach Camp Norway

I travelled to Oslo last weekend, to take part in Agile Coach Camp Norway. This was an open space conference organized by some enthusiasts, not for profit. I became interested in going to the conference when I heard some other agile coaches tweeting about it. I’ve just started my career as a kind of agile coach, and I’ve always enjoyed the open space parts of other conferences I’ve attended. I hesitated though, since I have quite a technical focus. What clinched it was when Johannes Brodwall signed up... [more]

Teaching programming

The world need more and better programmers. Jason Gorman recently wrote this post encouraging people to start offering software apprenticeships, as an alternative to computer science degrees.

He writes:

"our computing education in [the UK] is preparing students for a career in a version of computing most of us don't recognise. Students devote the majority of their time learning theory and skills that they almost certainly won't be applying when they get their first proper job. Computing schools are hopelessly out of... [more]


I've just been appointed to the role of Industry Programme Chair for XP2011, which will be held in Madrid in May. I've been to 7 of the previous 11 XP conferences and I am so pleased to be asked to contribute to the success of the conference this year by doing this role.

Rachel Davies is the general chair, and I am really looking forward to working with her and the other organizers. Rachel is one of those people I have met repeatedly at conferences and always has something interesting to contribute. More recently, I read her excellent book on Agile Coaching. I can't remember... [more]


Last night at GothPy we had a play with Django, a web application framework for Python. I'm fairly familiar with Rails, so it was interesting to see a different take on solving the same kinds of problems.

I downloaded Django for the first time when preparing for the meeting, and spent about a day going through the tutorial and trying stuff out. At the meeting were a few... [more]


I was at the local Ruby User Group last night, and I coded up KataMontyHall (see below) as a prepared Kata in front of the group. I got some great comments and feedback while I was coding, and I think the solution I ended up with was better than any I had created by myself during my practice sessions. I also got some new ideas about different approaches which I plan to try out and see if they improve the code even more.

Dave Hoover was visiting from the US, on his way to a speaking engagement at... [more]

Agile Testing Days - day 2

On the wednesday of Agile Testing Days it was my turn to speak, and together with Fredrik Wendt we presented "The Coding Dojo as a forum for teaching Test Driven Development". The talk was mostly aimed at developers, and the basic idea is to encourage them to learn TDD, and that going to a coding dojo might be a good way of doing that.

Michael Bolton
The first keynote of the day was by Michael Bolton, someone I've never met before. His talk really made me think. He presented himself as an "agile skeptic", and had some criticisms of agile practices like automated unit and... [more]